Homberger Hub - Homberger Robotica 4.0

Homberger Hub

Homberger Hub is a software platform for extending Doosan Robotics cobots with Industry 4.0 smart features. The platform is composed by the Homberger Hub Device and a set of Apps, each providing a specific functionality.

Homberger Hub Device provides additional features when connected to Doosan robots, such as Drl Studio, an advanced Software Development Environment for programming and testing your robotics applications.

Furthermore, Homberger Hub Device provides wireless connectivity between the robot and any external application such as DART Studio and DART platform.


Homberger Hub Firmware V1.6.2 - Raspberry 3

Homberger Hub Firmware V1.7.0 - Raspberry 3 and 4

DRL Studio

Software Development Environment for Doosan Robotics Language

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Smart Human Robot Interaction, Events and log Monitoring, KPI and metrics Analytics, Notifications

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Path Recording, Graphical Programming, Simplified Force Control

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Don’t waste your time on pallet formats and layouts, focus on what really matter.

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