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EasyPallet is the App of the Homberger Hub platform designed for customized palletizing solutions with Doosan Robotics cobots. Don’t waste your time on pallet formats and layouts, focus on what really matter.

EasyPallet provides all the building blocks need to develop a flexible palletizing application through DRL Python API.

EasyPallet graphical editor allows to design pallets layout in a drag and drop way directly on robot Teach Pendant.

How it works

With EasyPallet you can setup Grid Pallets and Custom Pallets.

Grid Pallets, API as they have some simple and regular layouts, can be configured directly with DRL Python API. Instead Custom Pallets have Complex and irregular layouts, so they are configured using EasyPallet graphical editor.

Grid pallet

Define box and pallet configuration with code.

Custom pallet

Define box and pallet configuration with graphical editor.

Training material


Download Window version 1.8.0

Homberger Hub

EasyPallet comes with Homberger Hub, a compact device that can be connected to Doosan Robotics cobots to provide additional features and functionalities.

Homberger Hub instantly provides wireless connectivity to any external application such as Doosan Robotics Client Tool and EasyPallet with the aim of easing developments of Industry 4.0 applications.

Easypallet can be associated with one or more Doosan Robotics cobot, contact Homberger Team to discover the plan that best suit your needs.

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