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Human Cobot Relations

CheckApp is the app of the Homberger Hub platform focus on smart human robot interaction. With CheckApp you can easily monitor the state of your robot tasks, and have instant insight of your process productivity. CheckApp helps you to easily adapt your robotics programs in order to achieve a flexible solution based on your changing needs.

CheckApp smart HMI

The Smart HMI Editor can be used to develop custom HMI panels for Doosan Robotics teach pendant. A set of predefined components such as Buttons, Labels, Images, Variable Monitors and Parameter Inputs, can be disposed in a drag and drop way to achieve the desired HMI panel and then linked to DRL variables and functions.

The realized HMI panel can be deployed on robot Teach Pendant, on  CheckApp smartphone application or on CheckApp desktop application.


Download Windows version 1.8.0

Download Android version 1.6.0

Homberger Hub

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CheckApp comes with Homberger Hub, a compact device that can be connected to Doosan Robotics cobot to provide additional features and functionalities.

Homberger Hub instantly provides wireless connectivity to any external application such as Doosan Robotics Client Tool and CheckApp with the aim of easing developments of Industry 4.0 applications.

CheckApp can be associated with one or more Doosan Robotics cobots, contact Homberger Team to discover the plan that best suit your needs.

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