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DRL Studio

Integrated Development Environment for Doosan Robotics Language

  • DRL studio is a Software Development Environment for Doosan Robotics Language and Python advanced programming.
  • No need to manually import/export you code on USB stick, DRL Studio can upload your project, script and sub modules, directly on the robot.
  • No need to have a robot connected, test your robot programs on RoboDK simulator with the integrated off-line programming feature.

Be More Productive

Save time while DRL Studio takes care of the routine. Focus on the bigger things and let to DRL Studio the duty to upload, run and manage programs on robots.

Get Smart Assistance

DRL Studio knows everything about your code. Rely on it for intelligent code completion, on-the-fly error checking and quick-fixes, easy project navigation, and much more.

Boost Code Quality

Write neat and maintainable code while the IDE helps you keep control of the quality with PEP8 checks, testing assistance and smart refactorings.

Simply All You Need

DRL Studio is designed by programmers, for programmers, to provide all the tools you need for productive DRL development.

DRL Studio has been realized as a plug-in of the IntelliJ Jetbrains Platform.


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Download Windows version 1.4.0

Training materials

Lesson 1: DRL STUDIO basics

Lesson 2: DRL STUDIO off-line programming

Homberger Hub

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Recordbot comes with Homberger Hub, a compact device that can be connected to Doosan Robots to provide additional features and functionalities.

Homberger Hub instantly provides wireless connectivity to any external application such as Doosan Robotics Client Tool and Recordbot with the aim of easing developments of Industry 4.0 applications.

DRL Studio can be associated with one or more Doosan Robot, contact Homberger Team to discover the plan that best suit your needs.

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