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Robot programming for Humans

Recordbot is a path recording application for Doosan Robotics cobots that helps you program complex task in easy and smart way. No need for coding, just record manually your task with direct teaching feature, adjust trajectories with graphical post-processing functions, and let the robot repeat the job for you.


Use Doosan Robotics direct teaching feature to move robots by hand, as they were weightless, while recording your desired path.


Apply post-processing filters to adjust the recording trajectory based on your application needs and check in real-time how the modified trajectory would look like.


Let Doosan Robotics cobots play and repeat your task with accuracy and high cycle time performance.

Post Processing


Remove unnecessary sampling data from your path in order to have a more clear and straightforward execution of your trajectory.


Auto-detect aligned points to perform linear paths.


Reduce noise introduced during  the manual recording session to achieve a fluid and smooth trajectory.


Introduce offsets to your path in order to let the end-effector adhere with target surfaces while applying contact forces.

Examples and applications

Integration with Smart Vision Camera of Doosan Robotics

Polishing a bollard

Path Recording with Recordbot Skill for Doosan Robotics Teach Pendant

Recordbot for sanding applications


Download Window version 1.8.0

Download Android version 1.7.0

Download Linux version 1.8.0

Homberger Hub

Recordbot comes with Homberger Hub, a compact device that can be connected to Doosan Robotics cobot to provide additional features and functionalities.

Homberger Hub instantly provides wireless connectivity to any external application such as Doosan Robotics Client Tool and Recordbot with the aim of easing developments of Industry 4.0 applications.

Recordbot can be associated with one or more Doosan Robotics cobots, contact Homberger Team to discover the plan that best suit your needs.

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